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The end of Bloke School?

When my friends decided to return their kids to school, my eldest boy was angry and upset. His (probably legitimate) complaint was that we would never see them again. This is not the first friend he has lost. His great … Continue reading

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When its time to stop homeschooling

I was a bit saddened and a bit disappointed to hear that after a year and a half of homeschooling, a friend of mine is sending her kids back to school. Like the decision to start homeschooling, there are lots of … Continue reading

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The cost of homeschooling

The most recent figures I could find show that where I live, the state spends just over $14,000 p.a. educating a primary school child. This idea of ‘How much does education cost?’ comes up often enough in homeschooling forums. The numbers change … Continue reading

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Getting a social life

I spend a lot of time considering the social skills of my boys. They seem to me to be very outspoken, clear and adaptable in talking to a surprisingly wide variety of people about a lot of different things. Still, … Continue reading

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I have an interview…

I am pretty excited to have been interviewed by David from An Unschooled Future. Quite a fascinating character, I find his reasons for doing what he does just compelling. About the only other homeschool blog written by a dad that I read … Continue reading

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