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Bark canoes

Last week was largely spent in an aside, looking at traditional boats of the Pacific. The whole thing was fueled by the sudden appearance of a fleet of ocean going canoes. Outside of our field trip, we also spent quite … Continue reading

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The vaka

Our usual routine was thrown into disorder this week when I stumbled onto the news that a fleet of Pacific Island ocean going canoes were due to arrive at the harbour. The Pacific Islands largely sit on the sidelines of … Continue reading

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Muttonbird Island

I wonder sometimes about the taste perceptions of 19th century sailors. Maybe it had something to do with a diet high in salted meat rather than poultry. I can picture a group of ancient mariners sitting in a foreign port … Continue reading

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The caravel, ‘Notorious’

There is no doubt that I would make a truly awful sailor. I don’t handle heights very well, I can’t swim, I don’t like being in water, and I become seasick on anything but the stillest of seas. The pragmatist … Continue reading

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