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The return of Bloke School

I was surprised to find that it has been four years since we last homeschooled the boys. There is no denying that sending them off to school brought us a number of advantages. I was able to fairly quickly shore … Continue reading

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The end of Bloke School?

When my friends decided to return their kids to school, my eldest boy was angry and upset. His (probably legitimate) complaint was that we would never see them again. This is not the first friend he has lost. His great … Continue reading

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Are monsters real?

We have been reading a lot of mythological stories from Ancient Greece lately. I have always found them to be great adventure stories, and have read countless translations and retellings over the years. In all the magic, nobility and high … Continue reading

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The importance of being relevant

I quite like worksheets myself. They look so organised when planning a curriculum. You can see exactly what you have covered, and what you plan to practice next. There is a real sense of accomplishment when the book of worksheets is … Continue reading

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The sound of distant voices

Some years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our first boy, I found myself reading a story by a woman who was describing the strained relationship she had with her dad. They had always clashed and then, fairly recently, … Continue reading

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Socialising and subculture

Like many people, one of the first questions I had when I was thinking about homeschooling was ‘Where are all the boys friends going to come from?’ We are not very social people. We do not belong to any interest … Continue reading

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Their drills were bloodless battles

A couple of years ago, I did something a little bit naughty. I bought myself a gift, and pretended it was a Christmas present to my son. What I bought was an Isle of Lewis chess set. It was my … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks because for a while, we all just ran out of enthusiasm for the whole idea. We made it to the mid year break, and then just couldn’t summon the energy to start … Continue reading

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How to steal stuff from Bunnings.

In this part of the world, hardware stores are dominated by the chain store Bunnings.  Like many big chain stores, they are large, soulless places.  I dislike them for a number of reasons.  They sell stuff cheaply, however, and because … Continue reading

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My first lesson

So it’s the start of the school year.  If my oldest boy was not being homeschooled, he would be starting kindergarten.  After several years of pushing the idea around, we decide to commit to it.  We don’t send him to … Continue reading

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