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The return of Bloke School

I was surprised to find that it has been four years since we last homeschooled the boys. There is no denying that sending them off to school brought us a number of advantages. I was able to fairly quickly shore … Continue reading

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The end of Bloke School?

When my friends decided to return their kids to school, my eldest boy was angry and upset. His (probably legitimate) complaint was that we would never see them again. This is not the first friend he has lost. His great … Continue reading

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ANZAC day – My grandad’s war stories.

Anzac day is a hugely important holiday in Australia. In many ways, it has become the de facto national day. Unlike Australia day, which is somewhat arbitrary and often divisive, Anzac day has a much deeper sense of purpose to … Continue reading

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On the tools

We have been taking things pretty easy from a purely academic point of view lately. Even though our year runs to a general kind of plan, it is not rigidly fixed. We are actually ahead of schedule on the bits … Continue reading

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Daily life in Woolgoolga

I am writing this as a blog challenge from an Opinionated Man on daily life around the world. I live outside a small coastal town just down the road from Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, Australia. It is … Continue reading

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Pemuteran and what happened next

We are in Bali at the moment, and have returned to Ubud from the north coast. We have just spent five days in Pemuteran and in a sense they marked both the high and low points of this whole trip. … Continue reading

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Across Bali to Pemuteran

We have been spending some time in Pemuteran on the north west coast of Bali. I meant to post this a few days ago, but the internet connectivity was not up to it. Going from Ubud to Pemuteran, we spent … Continue reading

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In and around Ubud.

It is a struggle to pick my boys up and carry them around anymore. They are both extremely large for their age and also very articulate. I often forget that at six and four years old, they are still only … Continue reading

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The opening days of Bali

So we are over at Bali. Simply getting here was an adventure in itself. It was an eighteen hour day of driving, hanging out in airports, and a six hour flight. Despite a few dramas, the boys handled it a … Continue reading

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We are going to Bali

For a long time, I had no great desire to go to Bali. It seemed like the place to see drunken Aussie bogans on full display in a foreign country. Not a pretty sight. I have had a number of … Continue reading

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