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Camping with kids

Over the new years break, we went camping at Stradbroke Island for a few days with several other families. We have never been camping with the kids before. They have never even slept in a tent in the back yard … Continue reading

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A regular day

My boys consider ‘homeschooling’ sitting down with a textbook. I consider it a much broader application of skills. This means we sometimes arrive at the end of an exhausting day, only to have my boy say ‘Yeah, we didn’t do … Continue reading

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A thousand hours

So the other day, we reached the end of our school year. It was something of an anticlimax, to be honest. I told my boy that we had finished everything and how proud I was of him for doing it … Continue reading

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Tree of life

Over the last few weeks, we have been classifying things in our science lessons. We have been doing quite a lot of collecting things, and then breaking them into groups. We have classified rocks, plants, and random stuff we have … Continue reading

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The importance of being relevant

I quite like worksheets myself. They look so organised when planning a curriculum. You can see exactly what you have covered, and what you plan to practice next. There is a real sense of accomplishment when the book of worksheets is … Continue reading

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Flying fox

It is summer here at the moment, and in northern NSW, we have all just had to endure another heatwave. With another three months of this weather to go, I am just not sure how many more of these summers … Continue reading

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Bark canoes

Last week was largely spent in an aside, looking at traditional boats of the Pacific. The whole thing was fueled by the sudden appearance of a fleet of ocean going canoes. Outside of our field trip, we also spent quite … Continue reading

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The vaka

Our usual routine was thrown into disorder this week when I stumbled onto the news that a fleet of Pacific Island ocean going canoes were due to arrive at the harbour. The Pacific Islands largely sit on the sidelines of … Continue reading

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Golden eggs

On my way out the door the other day, I was leaving some fairly vague instructions for my wife to run the maths lesson. ‘He hates doing worksheets, and won’t have anything to do with them. Just look at what the … Continue reading

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Arrawarra fish traps

Stone age cultures seem to get a raw deal from historians. This is probably because they leave no written records, and relatively few archaeological remains. Also, they lived a lifestyle with almost no cultural commonality to people alive today, which makes … Continue reading

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