A regular day

My boys consider ‘homeschooling’ sitting down with a textbook. I consider it a much broader application of skills. This means we sometimes arrive at the end of an exhausting day, only to have my boy say ‘Yeah, we didn’t do any homeschool today. We just played.’ I guess it’s a victory for me that he was enjoying it that much, but I still find the comment a little deflating.

Today I have a guest post over at Simple Homeschool about what a regular day at Bloke School looks like, and if such a thing really exists. Read more about it at Dave’s homeschool day in the life.

About Blokeschool

I am a homeschooling dad with a wife and two boys. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing, so I feel compelled to write it all down. In my spare time, I work as a manager for the local health district, drink too much coffee, and am an overenthusiastic martial artist.
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2 Responses to A regular day

  1. barnraised says:

    Well done! Enjoyed your guest post! I also leave much undone some nights knowing sleep is more important and then I’ll have a better mind set to take care of it in the morning. It’s taken me about 6 months now to stop making excuses and feeling guilty. Now I just accept that that’s our home’s schedule.

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