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In a previous career, I spent several years and extreme amounts of effort studying and practicing as a herbalist. I enjoyed herbalism immensely, and if it payed the bills, I would probably still be doing it. With this background in … Continue reading

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Silly sentences

My oldest boy is very resistant to writing. It is a real source of frustration to me. We use reading eggs as our main English program. We all like it. He can read and spell well enough, but he very … Continue reading

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Camping with kids

Over the new years break, we went camping at Stradbroke Island for a few days with several other families. We have never been camping with the kids before. They have never even slept in a tent in the back yard … Continue reading

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A regular day

My boys consider ‘homeschooling’ sitting down with a textbook. I consider it a much broader application of skills. This means we sometimes arrive at the end of an exhausting day, only to have my boy say ‘Yeah, we didn’t do … Continue reading

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