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Muttonbird Island

I wonder sometimes about the taste perceptions of 19th century sailors. Maybe it had something to do with a diet high in salted meat rather than poultry. I can picture a group of ancient mariners sitting in a foreign port … Continue reading

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Cause and effect

Last christmas, my eldest boy was desperate for a bow and arrows. It was all to do with the influence of Tolkien at our house, and his desire to be Legolas. I enjoy archery a great deal myself. As a … Continue reading

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The sound of distant voices

Some years ago, when my wife was pregnant with our first boy, I found myself reading a story by a woman who was describing the strained relationship she had with her dad. They had always clashed and then, fairly recently, … Continue reading

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Euclid’s Elements

My teaching style tends to rely quite a bit on the application of concepts first, and then filling in the details as we go. It seems to fit more naturally to the pattern of how people learn. I also try … Continue reading

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The immensity of time

We have been looking a fair bit at the history of early people lately. We took a bit of a stab at early cultures in and around the fertile crescent, but it was not a great success. I decided to … Continue reading

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