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What we felt

Being the sort of person who delights in etymology, I found it kind of charming the other day to be told that the word ‘card’, as in to card wool, comes from the Latin carduus – thistle. I can’t really … Continue reading

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Up the creek

My wife is planning a career change, and as part of this, she is studying to get her next degree online. She has set up a small room as a study, and often works from there. One of the things … Continue reading

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I have an interview…

I am pretty excited to have been interviewed by┬áDavid from An Unschooled Future. Quite a fascinating character, I find his reasons for doing what he does just compelling. About the only other homeschool blog written by a dad┬áthat I read … Continue reading

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It’s not part of the syllabus

I found myself having a barely restrained argument earlier in the year. A retired school teacher was standing in my kitchen, and we had just gotten onto the subject of cuisinaire rods. I had just been showing off the new … Continue reading

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