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The state of things

Here at Bloke School, we spend a large proportion of our time studying science in one form or another. It was kind of ironic that our initial approach to this field of reasoning and deduction was fairly haphazard. We were … Continue reading

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The caravel, ‘Notorious’

There is no doubt that I would make a truly awful sailor. I don’t handle heights very well, I can’t swim, I don’t like being in water, and I become seasick on anything but the stillest of seas. The pragmatist … Continue reading

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Playing with bark

I have been looking at local history in a fairly half hearted fashion lately. These history lessons come about partly because I wanted to instill the idea in the boys that the world they look at is both very new … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room

This being our starting year of homeschooling, one of the first things I did was join the local homeschool group. By way of introduction, I organised a weekly chess class. I found a teacher and a room, drummed up some … Continue reading

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They’re not too bright, but I like them.

Our house makes up part of the coastal sprawl which stretches, with differing densities, for hundreds of kilometres in either direction. The house itself is an old one which was relocated just a couple of years before we bought it, … Continue reading

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Teaching themselves algebra

In purely practical terms, I have never actually had to know the adjusted speed of a 40 tonne submarine previously travelling at 50 km/hr through a friction-less ocean, having just discharged a 100 kg torpedo with a velocity of 80 … Continue reading

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