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The rockpool

I have lived almost my whole life either on, or a short drive from, the coast. I can’t quite see the beach from my house, but I can certainly hear it. The air is always heavy with salt, and anything … Continue reading

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Do you mark their work?

As a young boy, I had the extreme good fortune of having a mum who worked as the assistant librarian at the school library. I spent endless hours hanging around in there, slowly working my way around the shelves. By … Continue reading

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Float your boat

We had organised to be part of a bush walk with the local homeschoolers group. The idea was that we would all go for a walk along a nearby creek. The track leads up a shallow valley, crossing the creek … Continue reading

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Poke this

I had a friend over the other night who told me a strange little anecdote. He had been at an old school friends house, noting with quiet disapproval how many unplayed with toys their kids had. This led him to … Continue reading

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I’ve made paint

Walking outside to investigate a suspicious silence, I stepped into the verandah to be met with a eureka-like ‘Dad.  I’ve made paint!’  There he stood with a bucket and paintbrush.  One of the trees, a fair few of the verandah … Continue reading

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Take a few deep breaths

It was the end of a long day.  I had stayed up a bit later than I really meant to, and was just about to go to bed, when one of the boys suddenly woke up screaming and unable to … Continue reading

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How to steal stuff from Bunnings.

In this part of the world, hardware stores are dominated by the chain store Bunnings.  Like many big chain stores, they are large, soulless places.  I dislike them for a number of reasons.  They sell stuff cheaply, however, and because … Continue reading

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